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My Growth Network

The Working Woman Growth Network is organized around the simple idea that when we collaborate together, we’re at our best. We invite you to be your best self; explore, teach, learn, and grow with us.

There’s truly something for everyone to find valuable. If you’d like to take the opportunity to join us, then use the button below to sign up. If you have any questions, simply give us a call, one of our team members would be happy to help.

Smart Community for Business Growth


ReadX by RBC

  • In our reading program, we find the right books you should read read them for you. (We recommend you should also read too.)

  • Pull out key ideas (or applications of an idea) from the book that you should implement

  • Make it easy to implement them

  • Give you detailed application templates

  • Create a group learning session to go through key learnings

  • These are NOT book summaries

  • They’re all about implementation and doing rather than just absorbing and retaining information.

  • Work with you to create action plans

This service is offered by our partner Renaissance Book Centre
Abstract Shapes

October Reading

The One-Page Content Marketing Blueprint: Step by Step Guide to Launch a Winning Content Marketing Strategy in 90 Days or Less and Double Your Inbound Traffic, Leads, and Sales

By Prafull Sharma


Martin Lindstrom calls the One-Page Marketing Blueprint "One page of gold!

This book offers a simple and valuable one-page blueprint that essentially guides you on how to create a targeted content marketing strategy to achieve long-term success." -- New York Times best-selling author of Buyology and Small Data, Time magazine influential 100 honoree.

Imagine being given a map when you first did content marketing.

Imagine knowing a clear path that shows you how to get from Point A (no results) to Point B (more traffic, more qualified leads, more sales)…

Source: Scribd



Inequality, inclusivity, equal pay are some of the issues women deal with globally. Yet women drive the world economy controlling about $20 trillion in annual consumer spending and that figure could go as high as $28 trillion.  How much of it goes to female owned brands and businesses? Less than 20%.


The Working Woman Network wants to change that by mobilising the female economy through collaborative effort to power female owned businesses. 

Working Woman Network is an initiative of Vivacity Global. The focus is  empowering women to maximise their potential and achieve more.

Our definition of a working woman is any woman from the stay home mom balancing a side hustle and home, a full time female entrepreneur, a career woman making a difference and a young girl with bright dreams of the future.

Why Working Woman? Well the popular saying goes, "Knowledge is power" but we say "What you know is powerful but the knowledge you apply is Power". You can only go as far as you know. We have set up this network to empower women with tools to achieve their personal and business goals.

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