How To Develop Subject Matter Expertise

Updated: Sep 9

You have heard it said in recent times that knowledge is the new gold.

Is it? We are all knowledgeable but where is the gold? Being knowledgeable isn’t enough. It is your ability to transfer that knowledge to someone else in a way that is profitable both to the receiver and the giver that makes knowledge gold, otherwise knowledge becomes a waste. Something you take with you to the grave.

"Look at knowledge as energy. Energy gets things done. Knowledge in the acquired state is potential energy. When you apply knowledge by taking set actions to achieve set results, that is power and can be referred to as kinetic energy. "

So how do you develop Subject Matter Expertise (SME?)

Like every thing that must be successful, you must approach this at the foundational level. A plan can help you go from potential to power and bring in the gold.

First, Who is a SME?

A SME is someone who has specialised knowledge in a relevant field that makes them uniquely qualified to provide guidance and strategy in that field. There is a high demand for SMEs now due to technology, changes in the economy and the uncertainties in global in work and market places.

How Do you build Subject Matter Expertise?

1. Invest in Knowledge Acquisition

To become an SME you must be willing to invest in yourself to acquire abundant knowledge and experience within a specific field. You can then turn that knowledge into gold through coaching, teaching, prescribing or consulting.

2. Stay Teachable

Knowledge is fluid. It is ever changing and that means you need to keep learning.

3. Turn your potential to power

Test it. Give it for free. Work with one person, get results and do it oer and over again. The more you test it the better you become and this is a great way to build influence.

4. Establish your Authority

You can be an SME and nobody cares because no one knows. Build your social media presence. Participate in forums, write a blog, offer expert advice.

5. Be True to Self

Nothing sells like authenticity. Don’t fake it till you make it. Work it till you make it. Don’t be afraid of failing, make sure you fail forward. Get up, learn and apply yourself again.

Remember to start with a Vision, have a plan. Plan a may fail go for plan b, the vision remains the same.

So you may be saying I am already a subject matter expert but I want to bring in the gold and I don’t know how to do that or if I am ready to do that. If this is you, then read no.1 again.

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