What is StartHerUp?

StartHerUp is a program designed to empower women build sustainable businesses through training, community funding and mentoring. The platform allows for members to raise capital to start, grow and scale their businesses. 

Members can raise fund from 150,000 to 50m depending on their membership plans. 



Every developed economy is giving money to SMEs. Why? So they don't shut down. Nobody is doing that in Nigeria. We see people writing petitions to government and asking everyone to cosign.


Money is the crucial ingredient companies need to grow. Undercapitalised companies have lower sales and profits, generate fewer jobs, and are more likely to fail. Women have less capital because, on average, they earn less than men, are less likely to be promoted, and go in and out of the workforce because of care-giving responsibilities. For women, debt is by far the dominant form of outside funding. Evidence finds that minority and women entrepreneurs are dissuaded from applying for credit,ask for less financing than men do, are approved less often, and pay more for credit.


StartHerUp wants to remove debt from the options for women. It means you can raise capital that is interest free and debt free. 

You can raise capital for an idea if you can prove your assumptions and show validation. You can raise capital without giving out shares. You can raise working capital or capital to expand your business.  You can crowdfund using your own products or using our own. 

By giving women our products to use and raise funds, we want to ensure that members have every opportunity to raise funds successfully.


What is StartHerUp Capital?

1. Not a loan. You don't have to pay back interest.

2. Not a venture capital. You don't have to give away equity. 

3. Money you raise by exchanging a product for cash.

4. You can use your product to raise capital or you can use ours.

5. Whatever you raise, you walk away with 100% of the money minus payment gateway/bank service charge.



How does it work?


  1. To participate, you must be a member. 

  2. It is open to only Gold to Established brands. (see membership plans)

  3. You are required to go through One of our  Business Launch Workshops (attracts a fee of NGN25,000).

  4. Create a Pitch

  5. Choose what you will exchange for cash

  6. Raise Capital


How often can a member raise capital?

  • As often as they can get in

  • We maintain a waitlist

  • Intake of maximum of 100-200 only depending on how long the waitlist is.



What you get

  1. Training (see The StartHerUp below Programs and choose 1)

  2. 1 month free Group Business Coaching (4 times. See group coaching)

  3. 3 months free business amplification (1 amplify service per month for 6 months. See amplify for crowdfunding participants)

  4. Working Woman Network Products to use to raise capital.




1. The Startup Workshop 

Ist Cohort Starts: 1st August, 2020


(Open to Public and All Members)

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