00 StartHerUp  Application Q4 2020

This is the application for the premier StartHerUp Session, Spring 2020. It will remain open until July 1st, 2020 at 3PM.

In addition to completing the form below:

+ You must attend at least be at least a registered member of The Working Woman Network. Participation in this program is opened to Gold to Established Brands only. Basic and Free members cannot participate. 

Please note:

ONE complete application must be submitted PER TEAM. Please make sure all members of your team complete this application together.

StartHerUp Application Form


Program Application Questions

Social Contract

StartHerUp is a paid program. It is an intense program that requires serious commitment. We need to make sure individuals applying to the class are prepared to work with us to get the best out of the program. 

I am committed to making the best of this opportunity. *

Acknowledge each by checking the boxes.

Tick all that applies (your commitment decides your acceptance into the program)

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